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nyc trash club

est. 2023

(not directly related to trash club but spiritually connected!)

if you haven’t heard yet:

What’s the intention?

IT IS: to gather together people with a mutual fascination in trash, refuse, garbage, landfill, recycling, waste etc, in our present past and future, with special attention to new york city. To learn history towards building the future.  To find delight and pleasure despite peril.  To wade through nanoplastic and black mayonnaise together.  To share knowledge and offer new paths.  To make a less bad future???
IT IS NOT:  to be crushingly doomsday, thereby refusing and denying a present and future.  To spout critically terrifying facts that destabilize and paralyze rather than generate ideas and movement.
LOWKEY ALSO:  To play outside.  To meet cute smart people.  To inform our own projects. To have an excuse to contact scientists and facilities and institutions. To get grants…? To be together, learn things, and make art (and maybe even science?)

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if you would like to know what we’ve been thinking about so far, please have a look at the document, and if you would like to add anything please request access, all are welcome :) !
with love, s. lammer

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